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16/04/17, 8:44 PG
[ married ]

Sometimes people would think that they're aren't loved by someone. But for me, i was grateful that they love me, they accept me for who i am, and enjoyed my music to the fullest. They are the people that i loved for all their supports and motivation.

sometimes they're so cute i can't resist reading their comments as i viewed them after uploading a new picture in Twitter. It made me wonder.

"what if someday they'll get tired of me?"

that one day, there was this fan, she had been to one of our fansign events before she could be called as a regular visitor. She is pretty, every fan of ours are pretty. 
As usual, i would greet her with a smile. Her soft eyes seems red, I want to ask her so bad i hold her hand and said...

"I'm so afraid.." her lips quivering and she gripped my hands tightly. I asked her why.
"Changkyun-ah, I'm getting married next week, an amazing guy proposed to me last month and one of the thing that i worried the most was about loving you as well," I immediately felt her ring finger and there sat a diamond ring. 

it looks really beautiful on her short finger.

"I love you too.. but what can we do. I know someday one of my fans will eventually get married and have children of their own. Someday, you'll forget us as we both get old together. But your heart, your soul is too precious to be given to us wholeheartedly. You deserve someone better. We'll always there to support your little world with our music, our humor. We'll serve with all of our hearts. Without you, there's no us now,"

She quickly smiled, a single drop of tear fall on her crimson cheeks. She wiped it off.
"I appreciate everything you've done, your music, your care, everything. I'll never forget you guys who have helped me get through life through your songs. It's really refreshing. Remember i will always remember you guys, support you guys and pray for you happiness. You'll might see me after this going to fansigns bringing my child," she laughed.

I was relieved and happy.
She was getting married. And she'll never forget us.