"Ars Longa Vita Brevis"

Ars is a part of my little universe
Jungin| 18 | Malaysia

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19/12/16, 11:43 PG
[ Endless Dance ]

It wasn't the first time he was nervous infront of the audience. The stage was huge, and he is the only person standing on the middle of it.

thousands of eyes upon him, but his eyes is only for the particular person.
"even if we got those eyes, we're still blind. but the heart is never blind,"

As the music started playing, the main camera swipped it's position in a form of transition. His stare became intense.

But he was blindfolded.
 His hands followed the spotlight, grabbing a glint of light entering less than a half of the blindfold. Not much than an electric flux can occur. His slender fingers became one, left and right, pulling his hips up and lift one feet towards the front.

The shoes he's wearing makes squeaking sound, also following the upbeat melody, eventhough the yells and the cheers are much more louder. He did as he practiced.

His chest was heaving, lips apart letting oxygen enters his body, infusing into his heamoglobin cells. Recharging again. He twirls and lifts his chin up high, making the veins on his neck visible. The camera zooms in making the fans go crazy.

"Am i in love with you?"
"Or am i in love with the feeling?"

he follows his heart with the right beat. His heart never lies throughout the entire dance.

the music stopped.