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14/11/16, 12:34 PTG
v i d [ a short story ]

❌2.0 jaune et brune❌

"Kun, happy birthday,"

He is a passionate boy. No.
He was a passionate boy.

He called that little thing in his hand 'Kun'. The small camera that was given by his late father.
why is that thing so important?

"Someday he'll leave us, he doesn't have any chance"
it runs in the family.
To him, Kun was his best friend. He used it everyday. To the point that he forgot.

2 months after his death.
The woman picked up the little camera. There was a collection of memory cards beside the camera.She picked up the cards and played it in the camera.

To the point she reached the last memory card.

"Hello Kun! It's been 4 years I'm with you. Aren't you happy up there?"

Up there?

"We share the same tears back then.To the point i always saw your eyes behind those lens that assures me to be happy like the last time you said. At the very...l-last breath of yours,"

What is this?

"Kun, our friendship will never end, i'll meet you up there a few months more. You're watching me right?"

Kun is a real person.

"I called this camera after you back then. Because i know you can't watch me because you're far away, so i thought of this little buddy like you, because you always stick with me,"

She went to the grave, bringing along flowers. along with the camera. She pressed the camera's main button.


"Jackson dear, you're watching this, right?"