"Ars Longa Vita Brevis"

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15/11/16, 1:16 PTG
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✖ 3.0 forte ✖
"wake me up from this deep slumber and
tell me to be strong again,"

Accidents happened in a blink of an eye. It just happened without noticed. Which brings a life of a person into a whole new level.
He, lost his legs. He thought his life is worse than a blind person. He lost his freedom, his smiles, his tenderness.
the cold night was nothing like he used to have before, where he used to have the nights where he hoped for a better tomorrow and be grateful for the day he had. He hugged his knees tight and wandered his eyes around the floor towards the door.

"I thought you're already asleep," the figure closed the door behind him and stared the boy. A slight teary dark brown orbs discovered.

Don't you give up nah nah nah
I won't give up nah nah nah

"You're always a strong person i've ever knew, where was the person?"

"He was asleep in this dead, unowned body" the boy tried not to spill even a single drop of tear.

"Should i wake him up? Tell him how strong he used to be? The world is beyond the borders he once traveled and his disability will never ever block his ways in this fiery path of adventure he chose. Because i know, he's a strong person,"

he is a strong person. I trust him. 

"Thank you," a glint of smile appear
"Goodbye," - relief

the person who was once standing a the door made his way into the midst of air.

I will miss you, old friend