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7/11/16, 2:49 PTG
Random Facts About Me


whatta suprise for making a useless post for the day lol.
it's already the 28th day of my holiday.(yeah i counted the days) oh god i'm writing those kinds of crappy post again (but hey, at least i updated my blog)

1. My current height is 165 cm yeahh (i don't know from which sides i inherited my height)
2. Hand length is 17cm (i need this since i measured along with some of my friends)
3.I have a thing for sweater and sweater paws (i don't have a sweater but i wish i can have one)
4. current phone is lenovo A3600 (yeah i know mine can't beat y'alls iphone)
5. I'm a kpopper, if you would ask which group i can't tell you because i basically stan any groups with good music.
6.I love to compose songs and sing and dance crazily eventho i messed up the entire thing but i dont care go die.
7.I cursed a lot but not in front of people especially my parents.
8.My face becomes red if i am angry.
9.I'm emo as hell from 2am to 6am.
10.i don't talk too much at home but if it involves something i like i'll talk like a bullet train.
11.If i am comfortable with that person i'll start to talk nonsense and act crazily
12. I have a thing for snapbacks,earphones, turtle neck shirts and oversized shirts.
13. Grey and dusty pink is the greatest combination.
14. Most of my bias starts with J- Jimin, Jaebum,Jongdae,Joshua (i'm so done)
15, I have a severe insomnia
16.If you ever found me emo all of sudden that means i've just heard some emotional ass music.
17. music currently hearing to: GOT7's skyway, Shawn Mendes's Stitches,BTS's Interlude:Wings and BTOB's I'll be your man.
18.i DON'T stan idols for their faces, i stan them for their good music and lyrics (their visual is just a bonus for me)
19.I'm not cool. i have my own low self esteem, i have inferiority complex towards my skin. but i don't give a sht
20,My words can stab people so bad they can hate me so bad. that's why i try to avoid talking too much(eventho sometimes i failed)
21. Tarts, pepperoni pizzas, cheesecakes, meat, cream puffs
22. Sambal goreng, sambal belacan, masak lemak cili api, masak cili hijau (drooling)

i'll be back with some proper post. till we meet again, see ya!