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4/03/16, 8:33 PG
A fresh new start- spm result

So, it's been a long time since my last update, the REAL update. I was taking some time to look back to where i've started my journey full of obstacles. Probably i won't forget all of those memories since it makes me sad, happy and there were full of emotions mixed up. Trying to forget mistakes of others, trying hard to change for the better and not to forget, trying hard not to fall in love with the wrong person again.

So basically, my exam results are not quite to be excited of or to be proud of, but i'm already satisfied that it paid off. Because mom keep telling me that there're more unfortunate people out there and i should be proud and grateful. I hope that life will be easier after this, meaning that no huge pressure from people around me and just keep focusing on what am i reaching for.

B.Melayu- A+
B.Inggeris- A
Sejarah- A
Pend.Islam- A-
Matematik- A+
Fizik- A-
Biologi- A-
Kimia- A+
Addmath- B+

8As and 1B+

But atleast that's the best that i can achieved and i am very satisfied because of i got my Chemistry a good grade. Before i receieved my result, i already told my parents that the first person i wanna meet the most is my Chemistry teacher. Because i can see a spark of trust to learn more about chemistry everytime i went to her class. Her tenderness and her patience when she teaches caught my attention and it made me very keen to enter her class.

Gladly i could call her phone number even though i didn't get to meet her at school. The next person is my Physics teacher. There was once when i told him that i wanted to be a teacher and come back to our school to serve for the students and he could see my potential as a teacher. I was presenting an experiment as a young-teacher(i volunteered) for a group of students at my age and gladly they understand the experiment as i demonstrate. The way he said that really made me feel happy and felt supportive. I was really happy with those positive words he laid out for me. 

From what i see through my life as a student, i've seen many kinds of attitudes from students at my age. Different students have different ways for the teachers to make the students' spirit higher to study. Some students can overcome so many pressure, some might even go through mocking or scoldings, some students want their teacher's attention for guidance. And it's a level where teacher's need to have a high sense of empathy.

So, i'm still doing some research for what i am going to apply for my college after this. But maybe tesl or chemical engineering. I don't know (lol)
I'll meet you guys again in the next update. Till we meet again.