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3/12/15, 11:44 PTG
My Theory for Run+I Need U+Prologue by BTS

Before I sum up all my theories, let me make things clear

-The only one we can see has the most possible death until the end was SUGA(BURNS HIMSELF), JUNGKOOK(CAR ACCIDENT)
-The ones who we thought was dead but was found at a hospital (seems like a hospital) in the RUN MV was JIMIN and J-HOPE
-The one who tries to jump himself in the water was V
-The one who has the most unclear death was RAPMONSTER
-JIN resembles someone who always knows that death/ danger is coming for those boys.

for me, all of them tries to deliver different messages for us.
and JIN resembles someone who (or else, what) that are trying to gave them warning, or signs or even lessons for what  they have been doing in their life.

Each of the members are trying to give different messages from each of their scenes, giving messages to us with the theme of YOUTH.

AND each happy scenes that we watched was the life after their death. (some of the members are dead earlier but yeah, everyone will dies right?) where they did anything that they want. From running, making messes at the train station until the tunnel.LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, MAYBE THE LIFE AFTER DEATH HAPPENS WITH THE ACTUAL LIFE AT THE SAME TIME.( You'll know why)

-Clearly, he was shown in each of the mv as the most strongest member to face every challenges in life.
-It is vividly shown when he made the message in the prologue (at the fogging mirror)
-Everyone expect that he was dead at the I NEED U mv but for me, HE IS STILL ALIVE UNTIL THE END. there was no clear sign of his death and we could see that he lives  his life normally.
-Jin never realize any harms towards him. That is why there's not much of a sign he's worrying about Rapmon.

-He symbolizes a person who was abused/ having a serious problem.
-He was running from home in the I NEED U mv (he was running from home, you can check in the making of I need u mv)
-He was violently abuse by some teenagers (who bullied him in INU) and also was a person who suffers from family problems. It is seen that the part were he fight with SUGA in the RUN MV was a recap of what happens before JUNGKOOK dies.
-The reason why Jin popped in the vid after the fight scene (where SUGA breaks the mirror) is where JIN remembering how much JUNGKOOK suffers.That is why JUNGKOOK dies in the car accident.
-In the life after death, he looks at the camera, happy that death welcomes him after he suffered much from the abuse

-SUGA symbolizes someone who died because his love was rejected. Where "eventhough life sucks, there's still others who loves us more"
from his lyrics in INU:

Because of you, I’m becoming ruined
I wanna stop, I don’t want you anymore
I can’t do it, this sucks
Please don’t give me any excuses

-SUGA also was suprisingly someone connected to JUNGKOOK, from the prologue(were he lies with suga on the couch) to RUN until the choreography of RUN (where Jungkook lies on SUGA's thigh during MAMA performance)
-After he was rejected, he comes home and fight with Jungkook,drunk (That is why Jungkook runs away, not to forget it was actually a recap scene) SUGA was full of remorse and ends up burning himself.
-In the life after death, he stays with JUNGKOOK all the time, trying to redeem his mistakes and make JUNGKOOK happy again.

-Jimin and JHope represent someone who owns insecurities and confusions.
-JHope kept looking at his image at the mirror looking insecure , trying to consume pills because life is always bad for him.
-JHope was only fainted (his eyes are not properly closed which means he's only being weak) at the road.
-JIMIN is someone who was confused with his own life. Water is always a medium for people who suffered confusions to relax. But it didn't end up well for JIMIN as he even tries to drown himself.
-After that, JIN shed tears..because he sense the danger from JIMIN.
-JIMIN and JHOPE was seen in a hospital were JHOPE woke up and end up in a pillow fight with JIMIN. Seems as they're happy because they could rely on each other. They were actually not dead
-At the life after death, Jimin sticks with JHope all the time.

5. V
- V has quite a complicated story.
- V was seemed to have problems with his life and also the after death life.
-After he killed the person, he tries to call his hyung (whether it is Rapmon) because Taehyung was seen to be doing bad stuffs with Rapmon. but as he had killed someone, he ends up drowning himself.
-At the life of death, Jin was playing house of cards. but it was destroyed by Taehyung, which looks like Taehyung was not statisfied with something. JIN LOOKS at the camera, looking through Taehyung's life where he tries to drown himself.
-When Taehyung was drowned, he dreamed about the happy life he would receive if he kept trying to be positif.
-This ends when he went out of the water.Realize what he's doing was wrong. Telling the message that Youth is too precious for him to end like that.

-Jin was the only member to die first before them.
-He got to see every inch of the members life before they died.
-He was actually waiting for the members to die, eventhough it might be late (but in the life after death, time is not a number) so that he will not be lonely.
-Before the members die, he was seen crying seeing the members in pain . He put the white lilies on the floor, hoping that one day they'll achieve death with peace and happiness (and they did).

That's why Jimin holds the photo where all of them are there, but there's no Jin. He burned the picture, knowing that one day they'll unite again with Jin.(when they died)

The butterfly represents the next life. Eventhough there're challenges ahead, one day we'll gain happiness, where the members stay youthful even if they're dead.

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