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22/09/15, 5:21 PG
#SongRecommend - Seventeen's Rock

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Good day everyone :) so, i've been quite (a bit) active in updating a few days right now before starting to struggle for my exams. I've been doing some changes in my blog as my list of favourite kpop groups are getting longer. Well that's not the problem. 

So, today i would like to recommend a particular song which is called Rock. It's not rock (which is a hard object by the roads) but to signify a teenagers' feelings when they saw a woman. But honestly, i love the bridge part sung by Seungkwan and also Woonwo's rap.

Joshua: I love you guys(saying to their fans)
Mingyu: Isn't guys for men?
Joshua: In English, guys refers to everyone.
Mingyu: Ooo... I LOVE GUYS
Joshua: *facepalm*
A bit of Jisoo :) I'm a bit happy coz Bangtan finally updated their twitter and stuffs. Some fans did various speculation about Bangtan teasing us symbolizing their new comeback and some said that they did it because Jin is leaving bangtan ( crazy, right?) but i thought that maybe they're just a bit busy for a while. It's not like they haven't been like that before. *if i'm not mistaken* so, i hope that people didn't throw hasty speculations. At last, it's just a simple reason right? Eventhough i was also flustered the moment they didn't update, but let's just act cool okay? ^^

Furthermore, i've just heard seventeen's cover of Bigbang's Somebody to love! It is my favourite song and they really covered it well (despite Vernon's old pic that looked like a teenage singer) damn their voice is great and they're so talented. You guys can watch the vid HERE . I guarantee that you'll like it :)

Did you realize the pic of today's update? Yeap, it's a picture of Wonwoo, one of the members of Seventeen. He is also one of my bias in Seventeen. I actually have 4 biases in Seventeen (Joshua, Jun,Mingyu, Wonwoo). But, i adore all of them :)

So guys that's all i can type for today's update, i'll update more as i can :) Till we meet again. Bye!