"Ars Longa Vita Brevis"

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Jungin| 18 | Malaysia

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8/04/15, 6:52 PG
#WordlessWednesday: Life Is Like A Wheel

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

I'm deeply drowning through every single cliff i saw.
The memories that comes by vanished through ashes.
And i'm here letting down every thing i have.
because of a distraction where paper hearts are torn half.
eventhough it's not important to others,
but it's my whole world.

You said you love this whole friendship,
but why you let my hand off at this point,
where everything that was usually the heaven of earth
turns into pits of fire from hell
and turned away without hesitating
letting me heal this wounds by myself.

I've been hiding my pains underneath my smiles
eventhough i've been hurting for a long while.

"but i can't touch you or to hold you in my arms
even if i close my eyes i can never dream of you
cause you're not here with me
your not in my story,
it only hurts the more i try to get to you.
I know i need to stop
I'll let you go without calling out to you
Cause i'm scared my tears will only get your wings wet."