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16/02/15, 9:23 PG
#RandomTuesday: Be Happy

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

jimin :)

What do you imagine when you heard my first music in this blog? Well, it actually reminds me of how my life went through along the year. But the positive way. Because sometimes these kinds of melodies can bring positive memories that will lead the way through our life so that we can keep positive and quit thinking petty things. The piano melody was from BTS's Just One Day, which was one of my favourite songs. 

You know, actually i really want to be a friend of someone like jimin. I don't know why but i think he is the kind of people who always smiles and enjoy his life as if nothing really happens and matters. But we might not seen how much he suffer during his trainee days since he's the latest to be the trainee but he owns the dancing king title.

lol park jimin.

this is what they call fan service, you know whenever someone appreciates you, you need to repay their kindness and whenever someone underestimate you, still, there must be someone who might be right by your side. No man is an island, keep believing in what've you did so far. End your journey one day with a smile on your face. No matter how many people leave you, someday they'll notice what they left behind is one of the most important shoulder thay used to lean on.

If you want to cry, just cry and then afterwards, be happy..

till then, wassalam