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14/02/15, 7:35 PTG
Life Rants: Missing Someone

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

hye everyone, so..i was supposed to update a post last night but biology keeps me from reaching my laptop. Based on the title above, this matter really happens to anyone because everyone has feelings, the main feelings are HAPPINESS, SADNESS and not to forget, LOVE.

i also have feelings, and i have a crush either but i'm not going to tell anyone because it's a secret. Well, one day i'll gain love.. (okay enough) but, this is not about me and that crush..but it's about a friend of mine who already has a boyfriend. The boy is a student at the same high school with us but maybe a lil-bit younger than her but who cares? XD 

Then, the boy gets to go to an army school for his excellence in studies, well he wants to go there but at the same time, my friend doesn't want him to go. But for his own good, she let him go. He's going to that school by this holiday and last friday was the DAY OF DESPAIR for my friend and eventhough i'm just her friend but sometimes i knew how it felt being seperated due to studies. 

So, i just wanted to say if we ever been seperated with our beloved ones, just keep strong and have faith for each other and never lose hope because each cloud has a silver lining,there must be a benefit hidden behind every sorrow we had. The most important thing is trust :)

So, that's all, maybe another post will come afterwards.. bubye.wassalam