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18/02/15, 9:08 PG
I'm Different

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

I'm updating everything at night because almost everything i wanted to type about popped out of my mind at midnight which is the time i need to sleep. Not to forget the chinese who are putting up firecrackers as tomorrow is Chinese new year :)

So, you guys need to know that every person is different eventhough you own 7 faces that has the same like you. Even fingerprints are different for each person in this world. Even you think that someone has the same characteristics like the other person you knew, there must be a slight difference.

There, so, everyone is different. But you need to know that not all differences are bad. Here are what makes me different from others:

- I hate crying, but if i want to cry, i need a material like sad songs and whatever songs that tears me up.
- I don't get angry easily because i'm afraid of being angry.
- I eat my food without any noise because i'm 100% focus in eating
- I hate talking too much because some people can easily get affected by what i'm saying. like what malay says- "mulut pedas"
- I only give my greatest opinions to those who are open minded and doesn't make faces.
- Those who are cheerful makes my life more cheerful.
- I' like seeing my friends smile and happy
- I hate being alone or a lone ranger
- I have a terrible back pain. Whenever i lie, stand up or squat it's produce awful sounds and it hurts a bit.
- I have a bad memory. Really bad.
- I easily gain and lose weight.
- I'm egoistic when it comes to friendship
- I'm awful at giving advices but i can give you my support to make you smile again.

done, this is based on my own opinion but i don't know what my friend might say about me..oh well, 
have a nice day..wassalam..