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13/02/15, 8:19 PTG
Can't Stop Me

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!


So, how shall i start? Firstly, i don't get to change my class and stick with my old classmates but it wasn't a big problem but there's one person who is my problem but can't tell you guys.. XD But, i got to change my dorm and the truth is i don't like some of my dormmates except for my juniors because they're fine with me.

Done with my class and my dormmates, the rules at school is really getting strict and i suggest those form 4 students who want to go to my school... well, good luck with the rules. For some reasons, i actually don't agree with the rules but look at the bright side, everything's going to be okay for this is my last year of school and i'll have a vacation at home for 3 months.. isn't that heaven??? well..hope so.

haha..too many things happen and i'm really typeless right now..anyway, i'll still update as many as i can and for this week since my holiday is for a week ft. tons of homework.

so, wait for my next post everyone..till we meet again, byeeeee...wassalam