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2/12/14, 7:49 PG
#RandomTuesday : I'm Tired

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Hey yeorobun!! It's good to have a chance to update my blog again. Well, since i'm busy for classes and sorts of things. First of all, i'm trying to recover from my back that pains a lot. Actually, last night i can't even get up from my bed and was rushed to the clinic. Then the doctor said that my back is having a slight twist and needs to rest a lot. Then, i apply my inhaler for 20 minutes because my throat didn't recover since October which worries me a lot. Well, this holiday isn't a good start for me for enduring this kind of pains but still i need to go to classes as next year will be the most important year worth of a lifetime.

But actually the highlight about my post for today is about what mostly happened to me this 2014 eventhough it's too early for me to tell you guys.

2014 makes me think wider and builds a mature me. And the year which i went through a lot of obstacles and actually made me cried a lot for stupid reasons. The year that opens up a lot of chances for me to shine again infront of people although i've been bashed badly. And also, i fought a lot this year and i've controlled my anger many times. I'm proud of it. I've thought nobody knows what had happened about me but it's okay because this is my own experience that i'm trying to take it as an advance for my future. 

Well, i can't do the most funny jokes for anyone and i don't know how to persuade friends when they're sad or i can't express my feelings well and people looked at me like a pathetic person they ever met in life. To be honest, i think i'm considered to be the most pathetic person and hated by some teachers. I don't know why but i can feel it. I'm a lone ranger so i might be alone anywhere i go.

I've tried so many ways to get along with them but i was still left behind and it's pretty hurts me enough. I was afraid if i was too hyper, they might think that i'm weird and that's not the real me. BUT, how can i even get to be with them anyway?? Well, they have their own groups of people and i might be awkward if i went with them and for sure i'll be left behind as usual.

Sometimes, i've cared too much about others than myself although i know what's worth of caring for others? It's just because i love them. Eventhough they don't know what i care about them but at least one day i hoped. 

haha..titsy bits of life, there're more to come right? Maybe this is just a bit . What more could we imagine right? That's all from me! bye~ wassalam..