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10/12/14, 6:12 PG
Not All Perfume Suits You

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Hai yeorobun!~ feelin' great? hope so :D 
Curious of today's entry? Well it's actually just a saying from someone i adore to much :D Btw, i've changed my blogskin to a simpler one and it looks great! The theme is called Blanket Kick to represent BTS's song that actually stole my heart these days.

Back to the main point. This is all about what kind of resolutions that might suit you since 2014 will come to an end and next year will be the most important year of my life before i proceed to the next resolutions of 2016. It's like a ticket to the next future. You got the best results, then you will hold the free ticket to a better future which considers on what kind of life you want.

Perfume resembles your choice, your resolutions or whatever you may call it the MAKER OF FUTURE SITUATIONs. Well, we have many kinds of perfume. Sweet ones, tropical ones, strong scent ones and many else. 

How you put perfume and dreams together? Well, the moment you achieve a ticket to a better future which needs you to choose one from many choices that might change your future..you need to think a few things.

1. Will this perfume (choice) satisfies you?
2. Will this perfume (choice) satisfies everyone around you?
3. Will you not regret spending money for this perfume (choice)?
4. Are you going to be determined and happy with this perfume (choice)?

So, not all perfume suits you.. you need to find the best one so that you won't regret using it someday :D
so, that's all from now.. annyeong! bbyong~! wassalam...