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29/12/14, 4:19 PG
Mega Giveaway by Sya Domoru

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

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join sekali! sebab hadiah yg ditawarkan amatlah banyak!!

Blouse x 1 by Rexylla
Blouse x 1 by Mak Jah Closet’s
Telekung x 2 Jubah Muslimah Moden *New
Handsocks x 15 by Jubah Muslimah Moden *New
Selendang x 2 by Wir Aida
Cash RM 10 x 2 by Maishoppe
Keychain from Bandung x 1 by Nur Syazwani
Supplement Shaklee Chew Vitamin C x 2 by Maishoppe
Sophie Love Mirror x 1 by Be Fabulous with Sophie Paris
EXO - Die Jungs Unofficial Polaroid Set (30pcs) x 1 by A.M Kpop Shop *New
Random Badge (KPOP RELATED) x 3 by A.M Kpop Shop *New
Bap socks x 1 by Shiedah 
SD photocard x 2 by BB K-House
Pvc photocard Chen x 1 by Shiedah
Sticker Exo x 1 by Kshopaholic Mlysia
Sticker Infinite x 1 by Kshopaholic Mlysia
Sticker Super Junior x 1 by Kshopaholic Mlysia
Xoxo (EXO poster) x 1 by Choco K-pop Shop
Infinite goodies x 1 by Korean Shop Collection
Baju Overdose (EXO)long sleves x 1 by Nur Syazwani
Discount voucher 10% by Rexylla
Discount RM 10 x 1 for unofficial merchandise by A.M Kpop Shop *New

banyak bukan?? cepat join!!!