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6/10/14, 10:37 PTG
To Own Respect?

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Jimin :)

It's been a while since my last update. Seriously since i'm having my exam,things are getting hard and tough. Too many things happened and it force me to be quite busy and stressed. And sometimes this thing really annoys me no matter where i go or what i'm doing when i'm at school. This really annoys me A LOT. Even my batch really annoys them.

Who? The Seniors.

Imagine that when someone in our community did a mistake (no matter how big it is) and then the other community tries to mock us and accuse many things not just towards the ones who did the mistake,but also the members of that community, And it really hurts us. 

Why did the innocent ones get the blame. Even getting the title of 'B*tch' from the seniors? It really dissapoints me. Furthermore, they where going to have their biggest exam in life! They should just focus on their exams. And this happens when we're going to have our final year exams (double the problem) 

They also accused us mocking them from our class. But, when we explain the true things about it, they just say: "It's just a misunderstanding" without any apology for accusing us. They mock us,they say bad things about us in public, but we never say bad things towards them in public. 
I really want to say to them to be matured because only immatured people did this. They are seniors and they should show good examples toward the juniors below us. This is not a tradition in a SBP that should be influenced for juniors.

Really,they don't deserve a respect although we still respect them. But,they never respect us. Respect can be obtained in any stage of age. We can't ask for respect but we can obtain respect within the good values in us. Not to force someone to respect us. Remember that okay?.

So, i'll stop till here, anneyong, wassalam.