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19/10/14, 10:41 PTG
BEAST's 12:30

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Hey wassup! It's about a month since my last post that was posted from school. It wasn't the first time i posted a post from school. (Thus, it's the second time ^^) Currently i'm still struggling for my exam. Next week will the the last week for exam and i'll still be busy with the school's annual sport's day and other batch activities.

The theme of this blog is replaced with BEAST's new album 1230. I'm extremely touched by the song ,the beat is awesome and i like the type of melody because it really represent the mv very well. Is it Junhyung who compose this song? I hope so :) Because this song left a deep meaning! And i'm quite fascinated on how they can relate a breakup with the 123o thing which resembles the end of a relationship which means 'breakup'

You can watch the mv  HERE