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30/08/14, 11:43 PG
Love or To Be Loved?

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Yes..i'm back after some months without updates.As if you could see, my new blogskin is for BTS's new comeback and the now songs from their album. Their new album gives the nerves to me, especially their highlighted song called Danger. Seriously you guys need to watch the [MV]. I always update my skin according to my favourite singer's comeback. Yeah! Sorry for the late update. Really (Actually REALLY) busy with school within this two years.

Love or To Be Loved?

Still a confusing questions, haunts lovers especially those who are desperate upon looking for love. Some people might choose to love. Because loving someone is a passion especially for boys. Boys are apparently like kings for they are the oe who chose their love but girls, are the one who needs to approve it. Loving starts from having a crush on them and finally loves them if we really love them.

For me, i might choose to be loved because it's better that loving someone who might not repay the love you gave to them. Some of them might tease you, mock you or even talks bad things about you. It really hurts though. For me, it's better to love someone who had loved you from the beggining. Then you'll try to love the fact for what they always love you for. For example, our parents, they're the one who loves us from the begging of our life. So, we need to repay their love first! Do the best for them, don't dissapoint them or anything that hurts them.

But i can't still deny that loving is also something to be stressed about. It's you to decide. Love each other but how? To love or to be loved?

But remember!!
for muslims: When loving a person, don't put too much hope for them. Allah is always the first in our hearts because without him, you might not feel what love is. Always know the limits and don't let it till zina.

"La Takrabu Zina"
-don't you ever approach to zina

Even if  you're just friends, but being friends with someone who is opposites your gender has the limits, do take care of your dignity and your parents' names. Wallahu'alam

That's all from me! Annyeong and wassalam..