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27/05/14, 10:54 PTG
A Day (Haru-Man)

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!


I'm back! It's been almost a month (no! more than a month) i didn't open my blog and BAM! a new blogskin appear! it's Bangtan Boys Blogskin for this semester~ how many of you likes BTS? As i'm a multifandom i love all of my favourite k-idol groups and never leave them T^T. I'm already at home after one and a half month at boarding school without any INTERNET. with MORE STUDIES and this is making me felt like a robot. Soooo many things happened at school and i can't tell you all! There's too much of them.

Well, when months passed,many obstacles were attempted and life is getting tougher day by day but it's a human norm that we all can't fear and we need to face it right? And i'm getting older and one year more and i'm out of that school~ but school life isn't as challenging as college life. I'm hoping that my studies might be great 2 years from now and found my own life and family???  

This song is called 'Just One Day' by Bangtan Boys, debuted last year and the youngest member is seventeen! To be honest,this is a beautiful song and it's brand new!

I'll tell you more next time! Till then, happy bangtan and wassalam..