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3/12/13, 8:25 PG
Nopen: Endless (Part One)

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

        "Ouch,hey can't you see where're you going?" Eunji tried to get up and picked her books which fell on the ground.The boy helped Eunji to stand.

        "Mianhae, i was rushing to my class.Are you okay? Are you hurt? Need to go to the clinic or something?" the boy asked Eunji too many questions.Eunji was a bit touched by the boy's action.

        "It's okay,i'm fine. Just go to your class before your lecture gets mad.I'm fine.No worries," Eunji casted a smile on her face before the boy waved goodbye.Why didn't i ask his name?! Her little heart is a bit frustrated for not knowing his name,even his face! So, she walked to her class with a bit of dissapointment.


         "Annyeong,may i sit here?" a voice suddenly distracted Eunji who was building castles in the air.

        "Oh,annyeong,yes you can,"

        "Wait,you're the girl which i bumped earlier right?" Eunji nods here head with shame.Didn't believe that the one sitting in front of him is that guy.The handsome guy!

         "Neh,sorry for my rude action,"

          "Nah,it's nothing,by the way my name is Jongdae,you?"

          "Eunji," she shook hands with Jongdae before they laughed for their awkwardness.

           "Hurm, currently 24 and my course is Music Arts,what's yours?" Jongdae took a sip of his drink.

           "Well, dentist and 24 too.Haha," 

           "Oh, no wonder you have nice teeth.As nice as Chanyeol hyung,"

           "Wait, you're one of the EXO members right?"

           "Yup, but better call me Jongdae than Chen, i don't want people to call me orange.Haha,"

           "Okay Jongdae, i felt the same too.I'm still shocked to be know that i'm a friend of yours,"

           "Hurm,then, you're lucky.But please, recognize me as Jongdae,not as Chen of EXO okay? I don't want just because of it, you avoid me.That's why i don't have that much friends except my members.

                               *to be continued*****