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4/12/13, 7:57 PG
Nopen: Endless (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

               "Oh,seems like being an artist is kinda..."

               "Yup,boring. Hey,we could catch up for some icecreams sometime? Will you?"

               "Okay,sounds great! What time?" Eunji asked with her big eyes.

               "After second period of class.I'll wait at the cafe,

               "Arasso!See you soon,anneyong~" Eunji waved at Jongdae.


               "Yeobo! What are you wandering?" Jongdae pat Eunji's shoulder which startled her a bit.

              "Oh,just remembering our first time meeting," Eunji smiled at her friend who is now her husband.

              "Yah! Don't remember that meeting, it makes me embarassed. It's enough to know that i am destined for you since then," Jongdae smiled.

              "By the way, did you still remember your confession towards me? Its so funny that everytime i think of it,i'll laugh!" Eunji laughed till Jongdae suddenly throw a sofa cushion towards her.


             "Eunji, aren't you tired climbing this hill?" Jongdae asked as he reached the hill first.

             "Aniya, it's fun actually, I like this place,"

             "Hahaha..glad you like this place, lets set up the place," Jongdae placed the cloth on the ground and Eunji put the foods on it.

             "Wah..this place is so beautiful, free from the town. And the view from up here is wonderful!"

*to be continued*

p/s: sorry for the short part T^T.btw, have you guys watch EXO's new m/v? it's cool right? ^^ don't forget for tomorrow's EXO Showtime!!

till then,wassalam~