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2/12/13, 8:23 PG
Nak Join Juga

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Nak meluahkan keresahan,kecemburuan yang agak maksimum.T^T camni,my classmates were planning to go to KL tomorrow,they asked me to join them,so,i asked my mom and dad and they said 'NO' it's too dangerous!'

 Then,i went back to my laptop and just let the feelings go away.Well,i know that it is dangerous outside and i'm the only child in the family,but,i really want to go hangout with my friends.Seems like it'll never happened until i end my school years.I won't run away from house just because i protested their decision(that's a crazy thing!)

So, i just watched their photos of them hang out with our beloved class teacher.And i'm a lil bit jealous watching them.

"Untungla duk K.L...." my angry heart shouts..

maybe there's something hiding beneath what was happening.. i hope it will be a nice thing happening the next day..(think positive tiha!)

hurm...i hope so,till then,wassalam~ (waving)