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2/11/13, 10:13 PG
Wordy Saturday(Xiumin's Featured in an M/V)


endless EXO-nesss

Actually i've been soooooo busy with Giveaways until i forgot to update about my daily episodes in life.Mianhae~but i still went through trying to look for progresses in this grey-ish blog.Do you guys think that i should change my blog's colour or is it nice enough??

Just this evening,i was hoping for some western food as my mouth starts to attract to western foods...but it seems like i need to call off my passion as my parents brought me to an Arabic Restaurant.
As we sit,you know,some arabians aren't that fluent neither in Malay or English.So, it seems a bit difficult for the arabian waiter to take our order.Luckily, i learnt arabic language at school,so i managed to take our orders and it was a relief.Even the waiter himself didn't belive that i can actually speak in Arabic language.

So,we ate our large-sized meal(as we all know arabic dishes served the most  in a dish) plus those beef,mutton till i can't even walk. XD.

BTW,i've heard some rumours that EXO is doing a comeback this November.

-dontcha know we're tired?-

SM,Give them some rest,but if it's by their own desires,i salute you guys ^^ (throw hearts).Baekhyun,why u so cuteee...especially when you're with Chanyeol. Ultimate cuteness!!! 
oh,i almost forgot that our lovvely Xiumin is featured in a music video,when i watch it,i don't know why he look so cute in that teaser.The mv will be released at 8't Nov ..(can't wait!)

well guys,gotta go,till then,wassalam~