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17/11/13, 2:28 PG
To My Dear Batuttah


*i love you too Chanyeol :*

Yesss...finally its school holiday!And i'm feeling great after a year of crazinessss at SABDA.But sorry ya guys coz i didn't update about my status these days before my Giveaway starts..seriously!I miss this blog..so,i did a bit makeover,i also did another blog for entering contest and giveaways by other bloggers..

purpose of this post?

i really want to express my gratitude to some people who entered my life for 3 years of living :)who are they??well,they are my ex-classmates.. :)

* Batuttah 1113*

please hear my letter for you guys :)

to: Sir Mustamir

Sir, firstly,i want to thank you for all your guide and knowledge that you gave to me,sometimes i annoyed you,sometimes i'm stubborn,sometimes i even don't like you..but those things vanished because i am amazed by your patience towards me.I'm so,so sorry for all my mistakes towards you..i know i always hurt you..THANK YOU SO MUCH..

to: Adib Imran,Adihamka,Rabbani,Iman

Four of you sometimes make me want to kill you XD but i know without you guys,i wouldnt be happy when entering the class.You guys are the troublemaker,and always will be..Sorry for being mad at you guys,being rude and always talk behind you guys.How will i laugh again next time?!

to: Amirul,Suhayl,Zahin,Hakim,Amir

Some of you guys always help me in our class's studies..some of you always be one of my hot topics at home and at dorm ^^ but don't worry,you guys are the best! Your style represents your characteristics very well, i always envy you guys for being so smart at class.Sorry for all my mistakes towards you guys..thanks for the knowledge you guys gave to me..


The closest guys with me,always there to comfort me (or to trouble me XD).Always told me stories about the life of theirs at their dormitory.Like to tease the most and always share problems and i like to share mine with them.Sorry for all the things i did towards you guys...Keep smilin'!

to: Liyana and Marsya

These 3 years,both you you were the closest to me,always be there for me,advice me,hear my heart and i love you guys the most!I hope we will never fight again and still be together..i will always be your listener and i hope you do..sorry for all my mistakes towards both of you. I know i always hurt both of you when we're together...thanks for being my great friends..

to: Fisha,Farah,Timah,Aida

The smart girls of batuttah ^^.Always happy and go lucky...you guys also help me in studies,sometimes comfort me with your laughters and funny actions.Always thinks positive.Sorry for my mistakes and my slow...actions.Thank you so much..

to: Sal,Mariana,Bam2 and Emma

The gag ladies of batuttah, you must know how much i miss you guys' gags..sometimes you guys prefer to tease me with hard jokes and sometimes it hurts me..i don't care because they were memories for me of you guys.I will miss you guys voice that decorates the class.Sorry my dears for all my actions towards you..

to: Ma and Waffa

These two girls who have the prettiest voice in batuttah. I personally adore both of you guys and love you ^^.Your funny actions still sticks in my memories.i still remember 'ayam' XD.I 'm always happy with your presence.Sorry to both of you for my mistakes and carelessness.

Again,i am sorry for my mistakes,actions,carelessness and stupidness since being your friend,your classmate,your vice monitor...i hope all of us will be granted 8A's for PMR and A+ for SPM...x kira di mana kita berada...SAYA AKAN INGAT KORANG SELALU.. :')

"when everyone is against you, just remember that there will be someone defending you from behind"
"when you be nice to people,people will be nice to you"

-Mustamir Omar-

till the,wassalam..