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20/11/13, 11:15 PTG
My Three Biases


hehe.. i think i'll post soooo many things today :) I'm so in the mood right now ^^ because of these three humans that made my day shine :)..

*chen,what are u doin' ?? -,- btw,you look handsome :)

seriously,i love them more with glasses on,but not for baekhyun,just stick with the eyeliner okay ^^.So, i'm now in love with these three wolves,but still, Mr.Chanyeollie stoles my heart first :) from that,i started to ship Baekyeol.hehe..

to: Park Chanyeol
At first, i adore you because your voice is almost as similiar as TOP (sorry tabi) .Then,i found some picture of you in google and i started to like you..you are also a 'leader like' because you always represents EXO in almost every interview.Then,it comes when you smile,your silly acts and your love towards baekhyun like a brother.Really like a protector :)

to: Byun Baekhyun
You attracted me with your eye smile :) Your voice is so childish and makes me wanna laugh when i see you,^^.I don't know what to say but you're CUTE!Stay close with your eyeliner!

to:Kim Jongdae
I don't know why i love calling you by your real name,maybe its more comfortable that calling you orange..(chen has a close meaning to orange in chinese) why did they gave you a CHEN???hehe..i also adore your smile,and your laugh and your troll...i always hear your sweet voice when you sing 'really i didn't know with Baekhyun :) stay cute my troll,my chensing machine!

well, my confession for them is not as sweet as you guys' confession to your bias..right??hehe..thats all,don't forget to watch then in MAMA okay!