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27/11/13, 12:48 PG
Imagine - Chanyeol

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Hyep! sempena menyambut Birthday Chanyeol harini, tiha teringin nak 'berangan' XD

The Imagination Begins

You were at home watching tv till your phone suddenly rang. You looked at the phonescreen and it was Chanyeol.
You : Anneyonghaseyo?
Cy:Anneyonghaseyo _______(y/n) , i'm going to a flower exhibition, wanna join?
You: Okay, i would love to!
Cy:Great! Wait me for 10 minutes, i'll fetch you from your home.

At the flower exhibition..

You: Wow! So many flowers here Chanyeol!
You walk towards a flower. It's a bouquet of little,blue flowers. You adore them so much.
Chanyeol saw your reaction towards the bouquet

Chanyeol: You want that?
You: I would love too,but they're kinda expensive.Well,maybe it's not my day.
You smiled at him 
Chanyeol:Do you know that the flower represents you?
You: Huh? Why?
Chanyeol: Beautiful and nice... also little.
Both of you smiled. But then...

You: Yah!! I'm not little!Derpy~
You slapped his arms and he laughed.
Chanyeol :Yeah,whatever.Let's go home.

At home...
it was night, you're watching your photos with Chanyeol at the flower exhibition.Then suddenly you recieved a message from him,

Look at your door ;)
You went downstairs and open the door.You saw a transparent blue vase and in the vase was the flowers you adore, the little blue flowers. There was a blue envelope below the vase.You opened it.

"For my beautiful, Saranghae. Will you be my girlfriend? :) Water them everyday okay! ^^"
                                               -Your Derp-

Your heart beats and tears are rolling from your cheek. Hugging the envelope.
You: "Stupid derp, I love you too..Of course i will.."