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18/11/13, 9:24 PTG
Aku Pun Nak Juga



Harini,tiha nak luahkan rasa frust yg melampau.Whenever i visit any of my blogger friends or the seonnies bloggers, i an a bit envy to watch their entry about this:

"currently at SM exhibition,brought many exo stuffs"
"Look at my stuffs(kpop stuffs)! It looks nice"
"Hadiah ga (kpop stuffs) ^^"

T^T..nak juga TTTT^TTTTT..

tapi tula,nak beli dri intenet,duit ada ke??? tkut parents x setuju plak..xpela,print gambar diorang masuk diary cukup...tapi apa salahnya kalau dpt beli t-shirt diorang??kan,kan,kan???

hurm... *MENTALBREAKDOWN*SERIOUSLY aku nak beli brg2 diorang..accessories ....beg....and lots more!
that's why tiha dok join macam2 giveaway skang ni!!To get free stuffs...Pray for my success okay :)

okaylah,frust dh berakhir,tinggal berdoa n tawakal..(agak2 kalau PMR Tiha 8A *Inshaa Allah* boleh ke tiha minta parents tiha belikan????) bye!!anneyong,wassalam...

When EXO sees a Ghost
Suho: GOSH! A Ghost! Please don’t touch me, I’ll give you Lots of money. I’ll pay for your dinner at a Restaurant that costs $800!
Baekhyun: *Saw the Ghost* YAAH ! How dare you Use my Eyeliner??!! *Slaps the Ghost’s face* *BOOGSHH here* *BOOGSHH there*
Kai: A ghost?? KEKEKE *Le Strips in front of the Ghost*
Ghost: *FAINTS*
Ghost: Awooo~
D.O: D_____O
Chanyeol: *Saw the Ghost* Hello! Me Chanyeol! You?? ~Le derps
Ghost: What’s your problem ?
Sehun: *Saww the Ghost* YAAHH~ GHOTHT!! LULU HELP !
Luhan: ~Le punches Ghost. *Hugs Sehun* Are you alright ??
Sehun: Thankyou for thaving mee and my Bubble thea
Ghost: Awoo~ I want your Gucci~
Tao: You want my Gucci??!! *takes out Wushu stick* *WUSHUU Here* *WUSHUU there*
Ghost: Awooo~Kris: Bish Please. I’m too fabulous to be scared by Ghosts. *Le walks out*
Ghost: Awooo~
Lay: Do I know you ? O___o
Xiumin: *eating peacefully*
Ghost: *Snatches one of Xiumin’s food*
Xiumin: Don’t care. I have Lots of Baozis here
Ghost: Awooo~
Chen: Awooo~
Ghost: Awooo~