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14/10/13, 11:06 PG
Writting A Novel?


-Chanyeol and Kris-

hye everyone..
i think i'll be writting it will feelings for this entry.Well,PMR has gone..i'm prepairing myself for SPM..
                                        WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT NOW?

well,i've just exchange notes from my ex-seniors and read them till the fullest in their bloggy.
-sometimes blogs are made easily for education-
right now i am wirtting a novel as a celebration for the end of my PMR..

Firstly,i want to apologize my silent readers for deleting the nopen.
(if you realize it)
I REALLY want to finish up my latest novel but there's always something that keeps blocking it..
IMAGINATION,,,yup,sometimes when you are enthuse writing novels...you might get stucked at the middle of writting it.


I hope some support from you guys for this time :( i've 4 novels which stucked at the middle.. T^T.This time!I've let my EXO dears as my characters in the novel.it's quite smooth for now as i've done page 30!!EXO HWAITING!!!


These days,i am having problems with my friend.I think i have wrote about her in my blog..if you guys wanna know,just search for yourself okay.I don't know why eventually when i chat with her softly,she would throw her fits..come on,i have been very patient for almost 4 years...4YEARS..to make it short,i haven't chat with her.I'll just wait and see.Maybe she's stressed about the exam.May Allah gives her calmness everyday..

                                                            ACT COOL ALWAYS! HATE TO HATE
what did you guys plan for this holiday?well,as for me:
-Going for a vacation
-Shop till Drop
-Writing my novel
-Watching my Dearest Bias in youtube
-Being active on Blogger
-Participating Giveaways
-Doing editing for my blog
-Prepare for SPM..
Next stop will be SPM..the determinant of my life..towards my dream.9A+!I'm still curious about my PMR results..i hope that the examiners will be soft-hearted enough to give the best mark for my papers.Well,i think this is enough for tonight.Till then,annyeong and wassalam...