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15/10/13, 11:18 PG
Chinguga Aniya!


-chanyeol: v sign peace!!!!!

Today,(i mean tonight) i want to brag about Park Chanyeol before heading to school tomorrow
-do you really need to go?-

Well,you don't need to wait for me like that till deepavali holidays :3.I need to go back to SABDA,life as a hostel student needs a lot of sacrifices.Chanyeol oppa!wait for me another 3 years okay.It'll be in a blink of an eye :).If you could be Peterpan (who doesn't grow up).. :( You might wait for me and our age will be the same.I'll always dream about you.If i still love you till my ends..what will my husband-to-be will say????? XD.If you're still not married till i finish my studies..still i have the chance?

nosebleeds..help me!

Ya!Wake up from your dreams!!!
He has Baekhyun by his side.They are cute btw.Both of them are my ultimate bias :) They were called BAEKYEOL.From that, i've heard HunHan(Sehun and Luhan),Taoris(Tao and Kris) and KaiSoo(Kai and DO) couples.Please don't think negative about them okay!This is the power of EXO bond :).You know,when someone is close to each other,they'll show cute bonds..(no one is excluded).

Fact:When the EXO members heard about those couple names,they just chuckled and laughed .

-"Let me tie it for you XD"-

-cute :3-

Chanyeol!You're suppose to do that to me :).(Hello,his not your muhrim)..hehehe.Well,let them be.As long as it does not affect their cariers.EXO HWAITING!CHANYEOL HWAITING!

Till then,annyeong,wassalam~