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19/12/12, 7:51 PG
Why oh Why?

TOP oppa!You're so cute!!!!
hey guys!
just malam2 ni x tahu nak buat apa..
so,just nak cite about the person above :)
he is Choi Seunghyun
or his universal name(simple to be told)
T.O.P/TEMPO(old name)
or..his cute name,,
TABI,BINGU,MANGOO(source :strong family)
born in November 1997
26 y/o(korea)and 25 y/o in 2012
(kalau kat korea,lahir je dah terus umur 1 tahun.)
he is the Hyung in the bigbang family!
Blood type: B (according to SE7EN)

why i love him soo much?
-i just love him! :D-
-power rapper-
-his mouth is like a cat :3-
-he talks with his EYES!-
-i love his haircut in 2012(the mint one and the brown one)
he turns his mint hair to brown for his MONSTER making
-he was fat before this!-
TOP oppa!x sangka dia boleh jadi sekurus
-among the bigbang members..he NEVER EVER EXPOSED his skin in public!

sebab itula tiha respect dia..
itu kut rahsia menarik hati peminat dia :D
does he ever think about marriage??
haha...he's passionated by his carier!
haha..okayla korang!letih bebeno cakap pasal TOP oppa :)
(sorry for my broken english :P)