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8/12/12, 3:34 PG
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fuh,baiklah..dengan lafaz bismillah,soalan akan tiha jawab!

1. Nama:Siti Tiha (can't tell my real name)
2. Umur:14 in 2012
3. Status [single, taken, married, etc]:In relationship with ALLAH :)
4. Favourite colour:79% soft pink
5. Birthdate:09 sept 1998
6. Sweet memories on 2012:too much sugar ><v
7. Blogging since:May 2011
8. Crush. Yes or no?:yes
9. Still love your ex?:no ex yet.. :P
10. Is there second chance for your ex?:i don't have any ex
11. Height:163cm
12. Weight:58
13. Interest with Kpop?:yes
14. Bestfriends:Qasdina and Liyana
15. A friend from childhood:Farida Atirah
16. Has someone break your heart?:no
17. Someone important:My Father and Mother
18. Last time you cry:last week-reunion
19. Do you like my blog?:yes
20. Any changes that I should do to my blog?:terpulang,everyone has their own favour.. even you and me.. :)

now my question:
1.School Name:
2.favourite colour(selain hijau)
3.Love kpop?:
4.Favourite song:
5.What do you think of my blog:

hoho..wassalam.. :)