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I Am The Owner

Biography ;
Assalamualaikum,the name is Siti Tiha,born at 6th Sept 1998,having my studies as a secondary student at SM Sains Bagan Datoh,currently waiting for my PMR result,I love being an Islam,I love ALLAH the fullestI love my Rasul Muhammad SAW,I love my parents,friends and family,I love Bigbang,SHINee and EXO but loves EXO more!Attracted to 12 wolves but the rapper got my heart first-the one who is lifting Sehun-yup,it's Park Chanyeol :)Saranghamnida.

I Am Who I Am

  • Real Name : Siti Hajar.
  • Nicknames : Tiha,Jaja,Hajar.
  • Age : 15 years old
  • Birthday : 6 September 1998
  • Blood Type : AB same with Tao
  • Height : 163cm -the second tallest in my batch ^^
  • Weight : secret
  • Nationality : Malaysian
  • Religion : Islam
  • Race : Malay
  • Languages : Malay, English, a little Korean,Arabic,Japanese
  • Dreams : A surgeon,a professor a singer
  • Ability : Cooking,Internet fixing,Studying,Killing Cockroaches,Sing