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23/01/12, 7:15 PG
Hujanilah Aq tanda Aq menangisinya...

hye korang...
tiha sedih niew...maybe sbb tiha tangisi apa yg x sepatutnya..
patutkah tiha nangis sebab Mr.A??
it's enough for you to make me cry..
i couldn't cry for something useless..
i'm crying because of YOU!!
don't you understand...
unless you got excuses..
but..this is too much for me!
*tiha perlukan masa untuk org seperti awk..adib*
maybe you have her with you but..
don't think with her around you can do anything to a girl like me...
it's hurting me enough...
i've gaven you too much chance..
and you..
crossed it..
*it's okay..*