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Jungin| 18 | Malaysia

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12/12/11, 1:06 PG
ThE BooK of LOvE~(PART 1)

assalamualaikum.. nah..cite tuk korang.. :)

 Morning breeze wipes my face by the window..but just then,I saw you by the curtains and smiled.

 "Hawa,what are you looking there?"my mom was just from the kitchen.Cooking.

  "Mom,Hawa saw Kamal..I've just saw him mom!!"i screamed.

  "Hawa,Kamal was dead,please dear.."

   "But mom..,"then,i've remembered the tragedy.,,memories..

 " Kamal,would you promise me something?"

  "What?"Kamal was puzzled.

  "Promise me that you will alway be with me till the end of our years,"Kamal went silent.

  "I can just hoped it Hawa..i can't promise you,Allah who knows what's going to happen," Hawa went silent too..Ya Allah,you've gaved me him..and i hope he will be by my side.Amin.

  "Kamal,I'am so lucky to have you by my side.10 years you and me have been together.I never gone blues with you.But,what happened if were not ment to be together?"

  "Hawa,we can't fight what Allah done for us,it means that you would find someone better than me,"