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Meet Miss Ego
Assalam, Hai and Anneyong! The name's Tiha currently struggling for a blanket kick coz SPM is coming!A teenager having a battle in this awkward planet called Earth. Multifandom Kpopper but i'm still sane. No bashing and just smile :)


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First Giveaway by Erza
13/12/14 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

First Giveaway By Erza 

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Segment Let's Inspire Others!! by Kyna
Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

okay, i think i love this giveaway the most, because i get to pick some of my collections of quotes from my laptop. i'm the 45th follower ^^
So, here it is:

first quote:
“Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black keys represent sadness. But as you go through life, remember that the black keys makes music as well.”
—  Bang Yongguk,BAP

The meaning of this quote is that life have happiness and sadness, but when we went through our life, sometimes life isn't complete enough without sadness, because sometimes sadness brings you alot through knowing how much you can actually have a better life the next days, fixing yourself to be a better person towards others as a lesson to everyone :)

second quote:

The meaning of the quote is that you need to achieve something till the last time of your days because you'll feel satisfied even till you die and you'll feel that all of your determinations and hardworks paid off. 

-both of my quotes are from a leader of a korean boy group which is Bang Yongguk from B.A.P. He is one of the people who i inspire for his inspirational words and hard work years by years.

-hope to win :)-


Amy J
Ina Ainaa

Giveaway Time By Irsalina Lovely
Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

klik kalau nak join :)

Pengalaman Berblogging

Okayla, kalau nak diceritakan pasal pengalaman berblogging, semuanya bermula apabila tiha start berblogging pada 28 Mei 2011 iaitu semasa berumur 13 tahun. Things that tiha slalu update adalah benda yg agak crappy dan bila tiha tengok balik entry2 tu, memang amat memalukan tapi tiha x sanggup nak delete sbb benda2 tu adalah pengalaman pertama tiha berblogging. Sekarang ni tiha sudah berada di dunia blogging selama 4 tahun dari seorang blogger amateur sehinggalah ada org menggelar tiha kpop blogger ^^

okay! (panjang lebar bebeno bila cite pasal benda ni --' ) hope to win! wassalam~

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

kali ini tiha join giveaway ni..harap2 menang ^^

Saya nak hadiah Simplysity CCDD Cream by Noor Atiqah :)

Not All Perfume Suits You
10/12/14 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Hai yeorobun!~ feelin' great? hope so :D 
Curious of today's entry? Well it's actually just a saying from someone i adore to much :D Btw, i've changed my blogskin to a simpler one and it looks great! The theme is called Blanket Kick to represent BTS's song that actually stole my heart these days.

Back to the main point. This is all about what kind of resolutions that might suit you since 2014 will come to an end and next year will be the most important year of my life before i proceed to the next resolutions of 2016. It's like a ticket to the next future. You got the best results, then you will hold the free ticket to a better future which considers on what kind of life you want.

Perfume resembles your choice, your resolutions or whatever you may call it the MAKER OF FUTURE SITUATIONs. Well, we have many kinds of perfume. Sweet ones, tropical ones, strong scent ones and many else. 

How you put perfume and dreams together? Well, the moment you achieve a ticket to a better future which needs you to choose one from many choices that might change your need to think a few things.

1. Will this perfume (choice) satisfies you?
2. Will this perfume (choice) satisfies everyone around you?
3. Will you not regret spending money for this perfume (choice)?
4. Are you going to be determined and happy with this perfume (choice)?

So, not all perfume suits you.. you need to find the best one so that you won't regret using it someday :D
so, that's all from now.. annyeong! bbyong~! wassalam...

Fanfic: Time
7/12/14 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

*coming soon @ asianfanfics! ^^

#RandomTuesday : I'm Tired
2/12/14 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Hey yeorobun!! It's good to have a chance to update my blog again. Well, since i'm busy for classes and sorts of things. First of all, i'm trying to recover from my back that pains a lot. Actually, last night i can't even get up from my bed and was rushed to the clinic. Then the doctor said that my back is having a slight twist and needs to rest a lot. Then, i apply my inhaler for 20 minutes because my throat didn't recover since October which worries me a lot. Well, this holiday isn't a good start for me for enduring this kind of pains but still i need to go to classes as next year will be the most important year worth of a lifetime.

But actually the highlight about my post for today is about what mostly happened to me this 2014 eventhough it's too early for me to tell you guys.

2014 makes me think wider and builds a mature me. And the year which i went through a lot of obstacles and actually made me cried a lot for stupid reasons. The year that opens up a lot of chances for me to shine again infront of people although i've been bashed badly. And also, i fought a lot this year and i've controlled my anger many times. I'm proud of it. I've thought nobody knows what had happened about me but it's okay because this is my own experience that i'm trying to take it as an advance for my future. 

Well, i can't do the most funny jokes for anyone and i don't know how to persuade friends when they're sad or i can't express my feelings well and people looked at me like a pathetic person they ever met in life. To be honest, i think i'm considered to be the most pathetic person and hated by some teachers. I don't know why but i can feel it. I'm a lone ranger so i might be alone anywhere i go.

I've tried so many ways to get along with them but i was still left behind and it's pretty hurts me enough. I was afraid if i was too hyper, they might think that i'm weird and that's not the real me. BUT, how can i even get to be with them anyway?? Well, they have their own groups of people and i might be awkward if i went with them and for sure i'll be left behind as usual.

Sometimes, i've cared too much about others than myself although i know what's worth of caring for others? It's just because i love them. Eventhough they don't know what i care about them but at least one day i hoped. 

haha..titsy bits of life, there're more to come right? Maybe this is just a bit . What more could we imagine right? That's all from me! bye~ wassalam..

#RandomWednesday: Park Jimin
25/11/14 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Hye everyone! It's raining today and its still morning. But it didn't stop me from updating another #RandomDay spot. Currently i'm having the same routine over and over again which is to sleep,eat and bath..(my weight is going to increase for sure) 

So, today i'm going to update about Park Jimin. Well, some of you didn't know who he is, he is a member of a rising korean group called BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan.

from left: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook,Rapmonster,Jimin, J-Hope
(2013 picture)

Jimin is the third youngest in the group which is a 95-liner with V. Internationaly 19 years old but an adult 20 years old at korea. He is a vocalist and the ace dancer of BTS along with J-Hope and Jungkook. His birth date is October 13th (missed it since i was still at school that time, Sorry chimchim).Well, he also has a younger brother. But, his image really looks like he has a big brother right??! *mental breakdown* 

Jimin is my second bias in BTS after J-Hope but i actually love all of them and i can't choose!! T^T haha..but i like Jimin the most. If you search jimin's name, you might shocked to see "Jimin's abs" because he revealed it when they did the No More Dream Promotion. But it's not because of that..he just seems to have that cute and innocent charms. With that kind of voice he had, it makes my heart beats fast..haha..

okay Mr.Charming Chimchim

okay everyone, that's all from love Jimin and of course, BTS! ^^ BYE..