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"Confession is nothing
If those eyes already said it"
Nevermind, just smile

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Life is already good to you. Maybe it depends on how you live it lively:)

Tiha | 17 | kpopper | ILYSPM2015


#WordlessWednesday: Life Is Like A Wheel
8/04/15 // 6:52 PG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

I'm deeply drowning through every single cliff i saw.
The memories that comes by vanished through ashes.
And i'm here letting down every thing i have.
because of a distraction where paper hearts are torn half.
eventhough it's not important to others,
but it's my whole world.

You said you love this whole friendship,
but why you let my hand off at this point,
where everything that was usually the heaven of earth
turns into pits of fire from hell
and turned away without hesitating
letting me heal this wounds by myself.

I've been hiding my pains underneath my smiles
eventhough i've been hurting for a long while.

"but i can't touch you or to hold you in my arms
even if i close my eyes i can never dream of you
cause you're not here with me
your not in my story,
it only hurts the more i try to get to you.
I know i need to stop
I'll let you go without calling out to you
Cause i'm scared my tears will only get your wings wet."

I'm Different
18/02/15 // 9:08 PG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

I'm updating everything at night because almost everything i wanted to type about popped out of my mind at midnight which is the time i need to sleep. Not to forget the chinese who are putting up firecrackers as tomorrow is Chinese new year :)

So, you guys need to know that every person is different eventhough you own 7 faces that has the same like you. Even fingerprints are different for each person in this world. Even you think that someone has the same characteristics like the other person you knew, there must be a slight difference.

There, so, everyone is different. But you need to know that not all differences are bad. Here are what makes me different from others:

- I hate crying, but if i want to cry, i need a material like sad songs and whatever songs that tears me up.
- I don't get angry easily because i'm afraid of being angry.
- I eat my food without any noise because i'm 100% focus in eating
- I hate talking too much because some people can easily get affected by what i'm saying. like what malay says- "mulut pedas"
- I only give my greatest opinions to those who are open minded and doesn't make faces.
- Those who are cheerful makes my life more cheerful.
- I' like seeing my friends smile and happy
- I hate being alone or a lone ranger
- I have a terrible back pain. Whenever i lie, stand up or squat it's produce awful sounds and it hurts a bit.
- I have a bad memory. Really bad.
- I easily gain and lose weight.
- I'm egoistic when it comes to friendship
- I'm awful at giving advices but i can give you my support to make you smile again.

done, this is based on my own opinion but i don't know what my friend might say about me..oh well, 
have a nice day..wassalam..

#RandomTuesday: Be Happy
16/02/15 // 9:23 PG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

jimin :)

What do you imagine when you heard my first music in this blog? Well, it actually reminds me of how my life went through along the year. But the positive way. Because sometimes these kinds of melodies can bring positive memories that will lead the way through our life so that we can keep positive and quit thinking petty things. The piano melody was from BTS's Just One Day, which was one of my favourite songs. 

You know, actually i really want to be a friend of someone like jimin. I don't know why but i think he is the kind of people who always smiles and enjoy his life as if nothing really happens and matters. But we might not seen how much he suffer during his trainee days since he's the latest to be the trainee but he owns the dancing king title.

lol park jimin.

this is what they call fan service, you know whenever someone appreciates you, you need to repay their kindness and whenever someone underestimate you, still, there must be someone who might be right by your side. No man is an island, keep believing in what've you did so far. End your journey one day with a smile on your face. No matter how many people leave you, someday they'll notice what they left behind is one of the most important shoulder thay used to lean on.

If you want to cry, just cry and then afterwards, be happy..

till then, wassalam

Life Rants: Missing Someone
14/02/15 // 7:35 PTG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

hye everyone, so..i was supposed to update a post last night but biology keeps me from reaching my laptop. Based on the title above, this matter really happens to anyone because everyone has feelings, the main feelings are HAPPINESS, SADNESS and not to forget, LOVE.

i also have feelings, and i have a crush either but i'm not going to tell anyone because it's a secret. Well, one day i'll gain love.. (okay enough) but, this is not about me and that crush..but it's about a friend of mine who already has a boyfriend. The boy is a student at the same high school with us but maybe a lil-bit younger than her but who cares? XD 

Then, the boy gets to go to an army school for his excellence in studies, well he wants to go there but at the same time, my friend doesn't want him to go. But for his own good, she let him go. He's going to that school by this holiday and last friday was the DAY OF DESPAIR for my friend and eventhough i'm just her friend but sometimes i knew how it felt being seperated due to studies. 

So, i just wanted to say if we ever been seperated with our beloved ones, just keep strong and have faith for each other and never lose hope because each cloud has a silver lining,there must be a benefit hidden behind every sorrow we had. The most important thing is trust :)

So, that's all, maybe another post will come afterwards.. bubye.wassalam

Can't Stop Me
13/02/15 // 8:19 PTG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!


So, how shall i start? Firstly, i don't get to change my class and stick with my old classmates but it wasn't a big problem but there's one person who is my problem but can't tell you guys.. XD But, i got to change my dorm and the truth is i don't like some of my dormmates except for my juniors because they're fine with me.

Done with my class and my dormmates, the rules at school is really getting strict and i suggest those form 4 students who want to go to my school... well, good luck with the rules. For some reasons, i actually don't agree with the rules but look at the bright side, everything's going to be okay for this is my last year of school and i'll have a vacation at home for 3 months.. isn't that heaven??? well..hope so.

haha..too many things happen and i'm really typeless right now..anyway, i'll still update as many as i can and for this week since my holiday is for a week ft. tons of homework.

so, wait for my next post everyone..till we meet again, byeeeee...wassalam

Goodbye 2014 Giveaway Di Munirahizzan.com
2/01/15 // 3:52 PG

Assalamualaikum dan salam 1Malaysia

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Semoga berjaya. 

Selamat tinggal memori 2014.. 

Semoga kehadiran tahun baru 2015 bakal membuka lembaran baru yang lebih bermakna buat kita semua...

Dapatkan Ganjaran Dengan WhoHAA
31/12/14 // 9:42 PTG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

ada apa dengan WhoHAA! ??
kali ni tiha nak jemput semua orang untuk mendapatkan ganjaran dengan cara yang mudah dan pantas :) Sebab, mata yang diperolehi adalah mudah dengan penebusan barang,voucher ataupun topup dengan mata ganjaran yang rendah. Dan yang pasti, dijamin selamat tanpa sebarang penipuan! ^^

cara nak dapatkan mata ganjaran??

ANDA cuma perlu tekan sesuatu iklan yang ditawarkan (TANPA MENYURUH SESIAPA UNTUK TEKAN IKLAN) dan menjawab beberapa soalan SEKALIGUS MEMPEROLEH KIRA2 30 MATA UNTUK SETIAP IKLAN! dan terdapat banyak iklan yang meminta anda untuk klik iklan tersebut.  ^^
berikut ialah mata ganjaran yang tiha peroleh sepanjang bulan ini!

banyak bukan? dan dengan mata ganjaran sebanyak itu, anda dapat memperoleh baucer produk dan makan dengan serendah 99 MATA GANJARAN!!!!

Sempena tahun baru ini, WhoHAA akan memberikan bonus mata ganjaran secara PERCUMA DAN BANYAK dari 1 Januari hingga 15 Januari!!

tidakkah rugi kalau x join?? dan hasilnya, tiha dapat 350 mata ganjaran pada hari ini! O.O

cuba bayangkan? 
350 x 15 hari
= 5250 mata ganjaran!!

psst, Power Bank yang ditawarkan di WhoHAA untuk ditebus adalah serendah
2900 mata ganjaran
baucer 4 dalam 1 KFC,Pizza Hut,Ayamas,Rasamas
2500 mata ganjaran
Baucer Tesco
5000 mata ganjaran
Topup celcom, digi, maxis
1100 mata ganjaran.

hey, tiha dah tebus baucer dah...apakata anda pulak cuba? ^^
Insyaallah murah rezeki...amin.. ^^
nak daftar?


Year End Giveaway by Ftintsha
29/12/14 // 4:31 PG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

*klik kalau nak join*
hope to win..wassalam~