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"Gentlemen deserves a queen
for that's only you"
But, love is not a crime

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Life is already good to you. Maybe it depends on how you live it lively:)

Tiha | 17 | kpopper | ILYSPM2015


6/12/15 // 12:56 PG

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Give Away Akhir Tahun 2015 Sheila Inspire

Allah Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Razzaq, Dia Yang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang serta Yang Maha Memberi Rezeki, dengan ini saya ingin melancarkan "Giveaway Akhir Tahun 2015 Sheila Inspire".... sempena template baharu ini dan keluarga besar blooger yang sering berkunjung ke blog yang tak seberapa ini.... semoga ukhwah kita sentiasa terjalin,,, tegur-tegur la diri ini. Adakala tak berapa nak aktif kerana kesibukan tugasan.... Akhir sekali, saya harap dengan GA yang tak seberapa ini dapat menjalinkan hubungan kita sesama blogger.... Maaf yer gambar hadiah tidak clear....

1. Buat entry masukkan banner dan link ke segmen ini.
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3. Jangan lupa tinggalkan link di petak komen.

Tarikh akhir : 29 Dis 2015 jam 11.59 pm


3 x (2 orang) (hadiah misteri)

1 x (1 orang) planner 2016

1 x (1 orang) diary 2016

3 x (3 orang) shawl H&M

1 x (1 orang) face tower + vase

1 x (1 orang) botol air

1 x (1 orang) beg mickey mouse

3 x (3 orang) pamplet set zikir Asmaul Husna

Setakat ini 12 peserta bertuah dicari dan mungkin akan bertambah dengan kasih sayang Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Razzaq.... Keputusan akan ditentukan secara cabutan bertuah pada 31 Dis 2015 InsyaaAllah, Allah Ya Baari'.... 

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My Theory for Run+I Need U+Prologue by BTS
3/12/15 // 11:44 PTG

Before I sum up all my theories, let me make things clear

-The only one we can see has the most possible death until the end was SUGA(BURNS HIMSELF), JUNGKOOK(CAR ACCIDENT)
-The ones who we thought was dead but was found at a hospital (seems like a hospital) in the RUN MV was JIMIN and J-HOPE
-The one who tries to jump himself in the water was V
-The one who has the most unclear death was RAPMONSTER
-JIN resembles someone who always knows that death/ danger is coming for those boys.

for me, all of them tries to deliver different messages for us.
and JIN resembles someone who (or else, what) that are trying to gave them warning, or signs or even lessons for what  they have been doing in their life.

Each of the members are trying to give different messages from each of their scenes, giving messages to us with the theme of YOUTH.

AND each happy scenes that we watched was the life after their death. (some of the members are dead earlier but yeah, everyone will dies right?) where they did anything that they want. From running, making messes at the train station until the tunnel.LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, MAYBE THE LIFE AFTER DEATH HAPPENS WITH THE ACTUAL LIFE AT THE SAME TIME.( You'll know why)

-Clearly, he was shown in each of the mv as the most strongest member to face every challenges in life.
-It is vividly shown when he made the message in the prologue (at the fogging mirror)
-Everyone expect that he was dead at the I NEED U mv but for me, HE IS STILL ALIVE UNTIL THE END. there was no clear sign of his death and we could see that he lives  his life normally.
-Jin never realize any harms towards him. That is why there's not much of a sign he's worrying about Rapmon.

-He symbolizes a person who was abused/ having a serious problem.
-He was running from home in the I NEED U mv (he was running from home, you can check in the making of I need u mv)
-He was violently abuse by some teenagers (who bullied him in INU) and also was a person who suffers from family problems. It is seen that the part were he fight with SUGA in the RUN MV was a recap of what happens before JUNGKOOK dies.
-The reason why Jin popped in the vid after the fight scene (where SUGA breaks the mirror) is where JIN remembering how much JUNGKOOK suffers.That is why JUNGKOOK dies in the car accident.
-In the life after death, he looks at the camera, happy that death welcomes him after he suffered much from the abuse

-SUGA symbolizes someone who died because his love was rejected. Where "eventhough life sucks, there's still others who loves us more"
from his lyrics in INU:

Because of you, I’m becoming ruined
I wanna stop, I don’t want you anymore
I can’t do it, this sucks
Please don’t give me any excuses

-SUGA also was suprisingly someone connected to JUNGKOOK, from the prologue(were he lies with suga on the couch) to RUN until the choreography of RUN (where Jungkook lies on SUGA's thigh during MAMA performance)
-After he was rejected, he comes home and fight with Jungkook,drunk (That is why Jungkook runs away, not to forget it was actually a recap scene) SUGA was full of remorse and ends up burning himself.
-In the life after death, he stays with JUNGKOOK all the time, trying to redeem his mistakes and make JUNGKOOK happy again.

-Jimin and JHope represent someone who owns insecurities and confusions.
-JHope kept looking at his image at the mirror looking insecure , trying to consume pills because life is always bad for him.
-JHope was only fainted (his eyes are not properly closed which means he's only being weak) at the road.
-JIMIN is someone who was confused with his own life. Water is always a medium for people who suffered confusions to relax. But it didn't end up well for JIMIN as he even tries to drown himself.
-After that, JIN shed tears..because he sense the danger from JIMIN.
-JIMIN and JHOPE was seen in a hospital were JHOPE woke up and end up in a pillow fight with JIMIN. Seems as they're happy because they could rely on each other. They were actually not dead
-At the life after death, Jimin sticks with JHope all the time.

5. V
- V has quite a complicated story.
- V was seemed to have problems with his life and also the after death life.
-After he killed the person, he tries to call his hyung (whether it is Rapmon) because Taehyung was seen to be doing bad stuffs with Rapmon. but as he had killed someone, he ends up drowning himself.
-At the life of death, Jin was playing house of cards. but it was destroyed by Taehyung, which looks like Taehyung was not statisfied with something. JIN LOOKS at the camera, looking through Taehyung's life where he tries to drown himself.
-When Taehyung was drowned, he dreamed about the happy life he would receive if he kept trying to be positif.
-This ends when he went out of the water.Realize what he's doing was wrong. Telling the message that Youth is too precious for him to end like that.

-Jin was the only member to die first before them.
-He got to see every inch of the members life before they died.
-He was actually waiting for the members to die, eventhough it might be late (but in the life after death, time is not a number) so that he will not be lonely.
-Before the members die, he was seen crying seeing the members in pain . He put the white lilies on the floor, hoping that one day they'll achieve death with peace and happiness (and they did).

That's why Jimin holds the photo where all of them are there, but there's no Jin. He burned the picture, knowing that one day they'll unite again with Jin.(when they died)

The butterfly represents the next life. Eventhough there're challenges ahead, one day we'll gain happiness, where the members stay youthful even if they're dead.

*if there's some confusion (because i think i'm still lacking in explaining T^T) do kindly message me here----> HAPPYJINDAY:) OR  #진형생일ㅊㅋ

#SongRecommend - Seventeen's Rock
22/09/15 // 5:21 PG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Good day everyone :) so, i've been quite (a bit) active in updating a few days right now before starting to struggle for my exams. I've been doing some changes in my blog as my list of favourite kpop groups are getting longer. Well that's not the problem. 

So, today i would like to recommend a particular song which is called Rock. It's not rock (which is a hard object by the roads) but to signify a teenagers' feelings when they saw a woman. But honestly, i love the bridge part sung by Seungkwan and also Woonwo's rap.

Joshua: I love you guys(saying to their fans)
Mingyu: Isn't guys for men?
Joshua: In English, guys refers to everyone.
Mingyu: Ooo... I LOVE GUYS
Joshua: *facepalm*
A bit of Jisoo :) I'm a bit happy coz Bangtan finally updated their twitter and stuffs. Some fans did various speculation about Bangtan teasing us symbolizing their new comeback and some said that they did it because Jin is leaving bangtan ( crazy, right?) but i thought that maybe they're just a bit busy for a while. It's not like they haven't been like that before. *if i'm not mistaken* so, i hope that people didn't throw hasty speculations. At last, it's just a simple reason right? Eventhough i was also flustered the moment they didn't update, but let's just act cool okay? ^^

Furthermore, i've just heard seventeen's cover of Bigbang's Somebody to love! It is my favourite song and they really covered it well (despite Vernon's old pic that looked like a teenage singer) damn their voice is great and they're so talented. You guys can watch the vid HERE . I guarantee that you'll like it :)

Did you realize the pic of today's update? Yeap, it's a picture of Wonwoo, one of the members of Seventeen. He is also one of my bias in Seventeen. I actually have 4 biases in Seventeen (Joshua, Jun,Mingyu, Wonwoo). But, i adore all of them :)

So guys that's all i can type for today's update, i'll update more as i can :) Till we meet again. Bye!

Formula Hukum Fizik I
20/09/15 // 7:33 PG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Yup, now i'm counting my fingers through time. While hearing my favourite song, i better kill two birds with one stone. So, without wasting any time, let's start!

Hukum Gerakan Newton Pertama:

INERSA: Kecenderungan sesuatu objek untuk kekal pegun dan menentang sebarang perubahan gerakan asalnya.

Hukum Gerakan Newton Kedua:

F= ma : sesuatu daya berkadar langsung dengan kadar perubahan momentum
(daya impuls)

Hukum Gerakan Newton Ketiga:

-Satu tindakan/ tindak balas dalam magnitud yang sama dengan arah bertentangan

Keseimbangan Daya: daya paduan adalah sifar (menyebabkan sesuatu objek pegun atau bergerak dengan halaju yg malar)

Hukum HOOOOOOOOKE (Spring)
*kasi ngat*

-Pemanjangan spring berkadar langsung dengan daya yang dikenakan dengan syarat tidak melebihi had kenyal untuk membolehkannya kembali ke bentuk asal

HAD KENYAL: Daya maksimum yang boleh dikenakan kepada spring(spring tidak boleh berubah ke bentuk asal)


-Suatu jisim gas yang malar,tekana gas adalah berkadar songsang dengan isi padu jika suhu tetap.


Make Up Items Which Boost Your Confidence!
12/09/15 // 1:05 PG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

Hey guys! It's been a long time since my last update, so whenever i'll end my SPM after this (yes!) Were're going to have some sort of interview before we can obtain scholarships. There some people who are not confident enough to unleash their own style, but lemme tell ya guys, i have a tip to boost up your confidence during interviews for scholarships

3 Basic Make Up Items
Looking good all the time is most of the girls dream and looking effortless gorgeous is every women dream. Well, off course it is not easy to maintain your appearance in public especially after quite a long day in the office and suddenly you have to rush for a dinner date.
Other than good selection of clothes and those statement accessories, you have to make sure that your face is also looking good and fresh. Thus, for this time entry we going to skip about clothes and accessories selection you have to make but we are focusing on basic make up items you should carry all the time especially to attend a sudden date.

To make it short, what is 3 basic make up items as mentioned above? Obviously you don’t have to carry a luggage contains your entire make up tools to the office. What you are actually need are;

1. Compact powder / foundation
This is actually depends on your skin condition. If you have an oily skin, it is advisable for you to use the foundation instead of putting powder on your face.

2. Lipstick / Lip gloss
Sure you don’t want to look sick with that pale lips right?
3. Eye liner 
Eye liner is the best make up items to make your face look fresher and enhance your beautiful eyes.

Just don’t forget to grab these 3 items wherever you go and you’ll be fine!

#WordlessWednesday: Life Is Like A Wheel
8/04/15 // 6:52 PG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

I'm deeply drowning through every single cliff i saw.
The memories that comes by vanished through ashes.
And i'm here letting down every thing i have.
because of a distraction where paper hearts are torn half.
eventhough it's not important to others,
but it's my whole world.

You said you love this whole friendship,
but why you let my hand off at this point,
where everything that was usually the heaven of earth
turns into pits of fire from hell
and turned away without hesitating
letting me heal this wounds by myself.

I've been hiding my pains underneath my smiles
eventhough i've been hurting for a long while.

"but i can't touch you or to hold you in my arms
even if i close my eyes i can never dream of you
cause you're not here with me
your not in my story,
it only hurts the more i try to get to you.
I know i need to stop
I'll let you go without calling out to you
Cause i'm scared my tears will only get your wings wet."

I'm Different
18/02/15 // 9:08 PG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

I'm updating everything at night because almost everything i wanted to type about popped out of my mind at midnight which is the time i need to sleep. Not to forget the chinese who are putting up firecrackers as tomorrow is Chinese new year :)

So, you guys need to know that every person is different eventhough you own 7 faces that has the same like you. Even fingerprints are different for each person in this world. Even you think that someone has the same characteristics like the other person you knew, there must be a slight difference.

There, so, everyone is different. But you need to know that not all differences are bad. Here are what makes me different from others:

- I hate crying, but if i want to cry, i need a material like sad songs and whatever songs that tears me up.
- I don't get angry easily because i'm afraid of being angry.
- I eat my food without any noise because i'm 100% focus in eating
- I hate talking too much because some people can easily get affected by what i'm saying. like what malay says- "mulut pedas"
- I only give my greatest opinions to those who are open minded and doesn't make faces.
- Those who are cheerful makes my life more cheerful.
- I' like seeing my friends smile and happy
- I hate being alone or a lone ranger
- I have a terrible back pain. Whenever i lie, stand up or squat it's produce awful sounds and it hurts a bit.
- I have a bad memory. Really bad.
- I easily gain and lose weight.
- I'm egoistic when it comes to friendship
- I'm awful at giving advices but i can give you my support to make you smile again.

done, this is based on my own opinion but i don't know what my friend might say about me..oh well, 
have a nice day..wassalam..

#RandomTuesday: Be Happy
16/02/15 // 9:23 PG

Assalamualaikum!~ 안녕!

jimin :)

What do you imagine when you heard my first music in this blog? Well, it actually reminds me of how my life went through along the year. But the positive way. Because sometimes these kinds of melodies can bring positive memories that will lead the way through our life so that we can keep positive and quit thinking petty things. The piano melody was from BTS's Just One Day, which was one of my favourite songs. 

You know, actually i really want to be a friend of someone like jimin. I don't know why but i think he is the kind of people who always smiles and enjoy his life as if nothing really happens and matters. But we might not seen how much he suffer during his trainee days since he's the latest to be the trainee but he owns the dancing king title.

lol park jimin.

this is what they call fan service, you know whenever someone appreciates you, you need to repay their kindness and whenever someone underestimate you, still, there must be someone who might be right by your side. No man is an island, keep believing in what've you did so far. End your journey one day with a smile on your face. No matter how many people leave you, someday they'll notice what they left behind is one of the most important shoulder thay used to lean on.

If you want to cry, just cry and then afterwards, be happy..

till then, wassalam